Gabriela Velásquez Profile - Abogado Inmigración a USA Houston, Katy, New York, Bogotá

Gabriela Velásquez

My name is Gabriela Velásquez Medina, I am Colombian. I am a lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario and a specialist in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law of the Universidad Externado de Colombia. I have about 3 years of experience in issues related to human rights and legal services.

I like hiking and traveling. I really enjoy reading literature and poetry. My goal is to be able to do my best wherever I am.

Gabriela Velásquez
Courts Department

I am a Paralegal at Alcozer Law Firm, and among my functions I have to carry out the review of the documentation of each of the cases that we have in the firm as well as writing the sworn statements within the framework of the processes that we carry out. I feel deeply proud and blessed to be able to be part of the Alcozer Law Firm team because of the human quality of the people that are part of the firm. Likewise, I feel that each day I work at Alcozer Law Firm supposes job growth, since the rigor in the work performed is evident and allows each person in the team to provide comprehensive support to our clients.