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Andrés Maldonado
Andrés Maldonado
Gerente General
General Manager

Andrés Maldonado

My name is Andres Maldonado, I am a Colombian-U.S. national. I have extensive experience working in Immigration Law, and I am passionate about working with undocumented immigrants and underserved groups. I have been serving as the Firm Manager since 2012, and I am passionate about the work we do here at Alcozer Law Firm. 

My goal is to help families stay together, to advocate for immigrant rights, and to learn more about our clients and how we can better serve them. I am passionate about working toward more due process rights in all areas of immigration law. As such, I am an ACLU and a LULAC member.

I am also proud to lead our pro bono department, working hand in hand with non-profit organizations serving immigrants in our community. I love and respect our clients and their commitment to having a day in Court and being heard.

I mostly admire those that came before us and paved a way for me and millions of other Latino-U.S. nationals to have equal rights under the law, such as, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Justice Thurgood Marshall, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cesar Estrada Chavez and Dolores Huerta. 

I believe we are in the process of becoming a more perfect union and I believe that Latinos, both Latino Immigrants, and Latino-U.S. nationals are an essential part of becoming a more perfect United States. Never forget our history and those that came before us, Carmelita Torres, who led the bath riots at the port of entry in 1917; Harry Ueno and other Japanese-U.S. nationals who went through forced internment camps; Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, who recently drowned next to his two-year-old daughter, Valeria, at our southern border. Say their name, remember their legacy, and look forward to a better union.

As a firm, I believe, we inspire generations to come to get involved and to advocate for immigrants. I will continue working with dedication for as long as I can in order to help our clients, who in my opinion have built this country. I have a background in business and religious studies which helps me better understand those fleeing religious persecution in their home countries, and of course my business education and experience helps me run much of the firm. My life’s most important accomplishment has definitely been serving this office as your manager. 

With an immense amount of passion and love, as your manager, I make myself available and assure you I am working to better this office and our service to you each and every single day. To our team, thank you for your dedication to our clients and to this law office. I admire your dedication and service to those that place their trust in us. I am proud of our firm, and I am proud of our clients. As a Colombian-U.S. national, I welcome diversity and I am proud to represent both cultures, as both make me unique and built on our diversity as a nation.

Your Firm Manager, Andres Maldonado