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Jonathan Martínez
Financial Manager
Financial Manager

Jhonatan Martínez

My name is Jhonatan Martinez, I am currently an Administrative Assistant at the Firm. I am a cheerful, fun person, my hobby is playing the guitar and reading about leadership, I think I am very characterized by being able to work in a team and to serve customers in the best way, I have knowledge and certification in customer service and assertive communication to provide the best service. 

Currently, I am finishing my academic training process as a Public Accountant, I have extensive experience in the financial area in sectors such as Health, Commercial and Administrative.

I am part of this excellent firm where I wish to contribute with my knowledge in the tax, financial and administrative areas. I know about the migratory processes and I am willing to listen to the clients in order to improve their finances in relation to the firm. If you wish to contact me, I will be glad to assist you.