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Mairym Aguilar

Mairym Aguilar

My name is Mairym Aguilar, I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I studied Petrochemical and Civil Engineering. During my time off, I like watching movies and enjoy cooking. I have been working at Alcozer Law Firm since January 2020 in the Detainee Department. What I enjoy the most about working here is to help people obtain protection from their own countries where they are persecuted.

I visit the clients directly in the Detention Center and together with attorney Yolanda and my team we offer complete support from the beginning of the process until the most awaited moment when the bond is obtained, and they can leave. It brings great satisfaction to see them continue with their case in freedom and reunited with their loved ones. 

It’s a wonderful feeling when they meet with their families after many years and in a new country with new opportunities and most importantly safe at last.



The A Number
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The number A

What is it? The first step you should do when you receive a call from your detained relative is to ask